Your Health First

There’s never been a time like now for each and every one of us to prioritize our health. Truly, my health comes first and so does yours. Without our health, how do we thrive in our day-to-day living? God created a masterpiece in each and every one of us. Let us celebrate it by taking good care of our bodies.

We will discuss the ‘how’ in the upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned!


 For everyone that’s been asking, here is my story of how my health journey started..

I grew up in a home where a lot of what we ate was generally considered healthy. From your classic wholegrains like brown rice to a vast number of vegetables, fruits, beans with occasional meat eating. However, a lot of that changed when I moved out of home into my then varsity residence. I became a lover of convenience and junk foods. As a student, it was all about the fastest and cheapest meal. My meals mainly comprised of instant noodles, tinned fish or baked beans with mayonnaise, a lot of bread, chips, juice, chocolate and sweets. I started developing a lot of pimples, heartburn, low blood pressure, severe premenstrual syndrome, weight gain and so on. This carried through into my work life because not so long after graduating in a National Diploma in Marketing Management, I moved into my own place closer to work.

The meals improved slightly with the addition of vegetables on some days but overall, I was still consuming a lot of fast foods especially on week days. I had a sweet tooth so fed my sugar cravings with a lot of sugary foods like cake, chocolate, doughnuts and so on. I always had some sweets and chocolate in my bag so fed my body with sugar throughout the day.

My wake-up call came when I relocated to Lagos, Nigeria with my husband for his work where I was challenged when I read a Hallelujah Acres book on health. The book reminded me of a lot of the health laws that I grew up following. It also alerted me a lot about how I was digging my grave with all the processed and unhealthy foods that I had been filling my body with. Following the completion of the book, I attended a Hallelujah Acres Health Ministers program which was then followed by my enrolment to study a Bachelor in Consumer Science majoring in Food and Nutrition through the University of South Africa.

As I embraced the diet changes, I started to see a lot of positive change in my body; my skin started clearing, there was no more heartburn, my blood pressure improved, I lost all the excess weight, my mind was clearer and I had a lot more energy and strength. I became highly motivated to share all that I had gained and I was still learning through my studies with UNISA. I worked with the local church on health based programs to empower young people and the community at large. After 2 years in the beautiful city of Lagos, Nigeria we moved back to South African where I later gave birth to our son.

Since our return in 2014, I have worked with a vast number of children and adults in helping them change their lifestyles. Helping people on their journey with discovering a healthy lifestyle brings me a lot of joy and fulfilment. Food has the power to optimise health and prevent disease.

Healthful Living’s purpose is to teach people how to fall in love with healthy food again by making smarter and more informed choices when it comes to food and lifestyle related decisions