Sustainable weight management

Healthful Living offers an individualised approach to weight management that is focused on developing healthy lifelong habits that will help you meet your targeted weight while revitalising your health. The standard program includes 6 consultations over 12 weeks to help you through the key phases of the healthy lifestyle change.

Management of chronic lifestyle diseases

Prevention is always better than cure therefore learning early on to make positive deposits to your body’s bank through the right food and lifestyle choices will help strengthen your body for the future.

Healthful Living’s individualised health programs also assist with the management and recovery from different lifestyle related diseases like diabetes, cancer, arthritis and high blood pressure. The recovery program is focused on helping they body’s healing efforts through concentrated nutrition that supports the immune system and helps reduce the negative side effects of treatments.

Pregnancy and infant nutrition

Falling pregnant is an exciting time for every parent-to-be and knowing how to best support the body through the different phases which is prior, during and post pregnancy is key for every woman.

Healthful Living offers varied programs such as one-on-one consultations or group workshops to empower women and their partners on how to take care of their bodies to ensure that the unborn child is given the best nutrition and support for optimum growth.

Additional individualised programs are also available for new moms who are looking for guidance on the best foods for a growing baby, toddler and child.

Vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diets

There are a lot of health benefits that are associated with a well-planned vegetarian, vegan or plant- based diet. The benefits include controlled weight, healthy blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease, cancer and other lifestyle related diseases. The key thing however is a well-planned and supplemented plant based diet.

Healthful Living’s individualised program is aimed at empowering individuals to thrive on a plant based diet through identifying key areas where specific food types and supplementation is required while educating the individual on the various food options.

Creative and cost-effective recipes and menu development

All the individualised programs offered by Healthful Living include creative and cost-effective recipes and meal plan options to help individuals get started and adapt to the healthy lifestyle.

Cooking lessons and demonstrations

The modern-day pantry is full of a lot of instant convenient products that are filled with preservatives, colorants and additives that compromise one’s health. Healthful Living offers comprehensive cooking lessons for individuals and groups which will help break this cycle. The cooking lessons are focused on teaching people how to cook healthy, delicious and satisfying meals from scratch. The lessons can be tailored to suit any audience, children and adults alike.

Health Talks and activations

Healthful Living offers various health workshops to educate different groups on healthy eating habits and the prevention of nutrition-related diseases. These workshops are available for organisations, school going children, women and male groups.

The health workshops take place over a one to two-hour session. The two-hour session may include a live cooking demonstration and tasting for the practical experience.

Advanced workshops which take place over nine sessions covering various in-depth topics all focused on the laws of health are also available to empower individuals and groups on how to get and stay healthy.

Healthful living continues to expand its reach in response to arising needs so please contact us should you have an idea or opportunity that you would like explored.